Owners and Chefs — Julie and Richard Lalonde.

Sunday Drive Turned into a Restaurant

It has been eleven years since we had loaded our three children in the car and headed out for a little Sunday adventure and ended up in Rosseau.  Life has been busy to say the least. We have learned so much so and met some amazing people along the way. We owe a great deal to our wonderful employees who believe in us and work as hard as we do.  We have travelled and lived many different towns & cities, but I can honestly say there is no place like Rosseau located perfectly in the middle of four unique towns.

We met while cooking together at the Royal York Hotel. The Hotel, Restaurant and Hospitality industry is our love and passion, as well as our wonderful children: Emma, Gabby and Tristan.

Our love for food stems from our childhood. I was the oldest and was always helping cook dinners and baking, which led me to the culinary program offered at Georgian College. From there I travelled and worked for Fairmount Hotels, working my way up the ranks as a woman in a male dominated kitchen was not always easy, but I survived and thrived on the experience. Nothing makes people happier than a great real meal and warm service. To us it’s all about taking the time to go the extra mile, adding a personal touch and showing you care is what it’s all about.

Richard‘s Culinary Journey began as a child growing up in Rigaud, Quebec and being surrounded by family that love to cook and eat. Richard’s passion for the culinary world led him to the Laurentian school of cooking in St. Adele.

Graduating with a culinary diploma, Richard spent a total of 15 years working at some of Fairmont’s finest hotels and as a result he can turn anything into a fantastic meal.

We pride ourselves in buying and using local products and supporting our local food suppliers.

Our philosophy is really Pure, Simple and Delicious.