Summer cocktails

Strawberry Lime Moscow Mule – 11

Muddled berries & lime & chilled Georgian Bay Vodka over ginger beer & fresh mint

Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade – 12

White Owl Whiskey, muddled blackberries & house-made lemonade chilled over ice with fresh lemon

The Paddle – 12

Georgian Bay Gin, muddled grapefruit, local maple syrup shaken on ice & topped with soda, grapefruit wedge & a fresh rosemary sprig

The Lavender Sour – 13

A twist on the classic sour made with egg whites, citrus, Dillon’s Gin & lavender honey syrup

The Rose Chiller – 12

Limoncello, Rosé & fresh raspberries chilled to perfection & topped with bubbly

Summer Pitchers

 Glass | 11 |    Pitcher | 32 |

Pineapple Chili Margarita

Tequila, Triple Sec, fresh finger chilies, pineapple & lime citrus sweetened with agave & finished with a salted rim

Melon Cucumber Mojito

Bacardi White with melon balls, cucumber, muddled fresh lime & mint chilled over ice & served to perfection

Crossroads Summer Sangria

House white, Brandy, Triple Sec, macerated peach, orange & crisp apple slivers topped with soda & fresh raspberries chilled & ready to serve


 The Standard – Vodka or Gin Martini just the way you like it

The Lake House Cosmo – 14

Vodka, Cointreau & freshly muddled citrus shaken with cranberry topped with mint, blueberry & lime wheel

Lemon Basil – 15

Grey Goose Vodka with a splash of Dry Vermouth served straight up with fresh basil & expressed lemon oils

Sweet Summer Rain – 14

Fresh pomegranate juice, Tromba Tequila, Cassis, fresh lime juice & a splash of Dry Vermouth in a sugar rimmed glass topped with pomegranate pearls

Dillion’s 7 – 15

Dillion’s Dry Gin 7 stirred & chilled to perfection & infused with the essence of elderflower

The Classics


Crossroads Signature Caesar – 10

Vodka, clamato & a salty rim with all the trimmings

French 75 – 12

St Remy, fresh lemon juice, & simple syrup topped with Prosecco

Manhattan – 12

Wiser’s Deluxe, Sweet Vermouth, & a splash of Angostura bitters garnished with a cherry

Negroni – 12

Triple threat of Bombay Sapphire, Campari & Sweet Vermouth rimmed with an orange

Old Fashioned – 12

Maker’s Mark or White Owl, sugar cube & a dash of Angostura bitters rimmed with burnt orange

Paper Plane – 14

Equal parts of Bourbon, Amaro & fresh citrus makes for a house favourite